Activity aiming at self-monitoring of new discards-reducing measures

A new APP facility for Smartphone has been developed at Mallorca for real time reporting of fisheries catches. Moreover, IMEDEA (CSIC) and DGMRM have set up a protocol for sampling of target species and unwanted catches using trammel nets. This protocol is implemented in an APP and has been used as tool during sampling on board the small scale fleet.

Within the project Minnow it is foreseen the use of technologies based on smartphone applications for environmental and biodiversity monitoring, therefore with the specific goal of simplifying the collection information during fishing activities, we customized a CyberTracker application for surveying catches using an existing software CyberTracker ( . The Application is a simple data manager, consisting in an editor of a field note, taking a photo, recording voice and capturing time, date and GPS position. The APP is now developed for trammel net sampling albeit it can be easily modified for other gears.

Friday, January 29, 2016 - 10:30