Work package 2



The general objective of this WP is to develop and test innovative technological and social solutions to avoid unwanted catches, with the following partial objectives:

O2.1. Identify potential solutions for minimising unwanted catches, based on stakeholder knowledge;

O2.2. Coordinate stakeholder defined solutions;

O2.3. Facilitate stakeholder capacity to enact solutions;

O2.4. Review state of the art and identify ways of improving selectivity of fishing gear;

O2.5. Develop methods for non-destructive and real-time analysis of potential catch composition;

O2.6. Modify current fishing practices to avoid unwanted catches;

O2.7. Use novel stimuli to avoid unwanted catches;

O2.8. Development alternative fishing techniques to avoid unwanted catches;

O2.9. Assess and promote the potential survival of released catch; and

O2.10. Assess the economic impact of technological and social solutions to minimising unwanted catches on the fishing industry and technology-related companies.


WP2 (Technology) Overview